Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tina and Mario's

This morning we woke up to a feast spread for us on the dining room table. We had a traditional European breakfast of yogurt and bread/buns with cheese and meats and honey and jams. Oh and the coffe here is so good!  After breakfast we went to the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart. I wasn't really into another car museum but this one was amazing! Way better than BMW's. It includes all of the history of transportation and had cultural information from each time period. I really liked it and laughed at the obvious misinformation we are taught in Canada. FYI Henry Ford did NOT invent the car! After the museum we stopped to get a new SD card for Michael's camera and then Tina and Mario treated us to lunch. Thanks again! By the time we got back to the apartment we were all tired but it was the perfect time to watch Tina's AT movie! It was so good! She did an amazing job of combining pictures with short videos taken all along the trail. The videos really made the difference and brought back the feeling of actually being on the trail and what it was really like. Again she could sell this. I wish my friends could see her movie because she really did capture what the trail was really like. Her soundtrack was great and she even added in a cute animated intermission. I loved it! There many places where I had taken an identical picture or realized that we had stayed at the same place in town on the same night. After reminiscing a little while longer we walked to dinner. We went to an authentic Italian restaurant and the food was so good! And so filling I couldn't even finish my plate! We had to fight to pay the bill or Mario again would have ended up treating us. I'm so glad I got to meet Tina and Mario. They are awesome hosts and have become good friends. Almost as soon as we met them we started planning a future hike together. When we got back after dinner it was sad to say goodbye to Mario (he had to leave for work before we would be up and we are planning on leaving in the morning). We are exhausted. Good night world!

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