Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Capital

Six years ago my son and I travelled to the East Coast on our motorcycles and I remember taking a scenic route that avoided the big highways. Today I am going to attempt to remember how to get to that route. I pulled away from Renfrew heading towards the Ottawa River promising the dogs we would stop soon at a nice spot. I found the road I wanted and soon we were at a big hydro dam. Last time I had been here it was sunny and the water was calm. Today was overcast and the water was ferocious and wild! I pulled over on the other side of the dam to try to get a few pictures but there were no trespassing and danger signs everywhere. We had made it to Quebec though and our first stop was the quiet town of Portage-du-fort. We parked by the swollen river and had breakfast and another coffee before heading towards Hull. When we came to Gatineau National park we decided to check it out. I immediately decided I wanted to come back and try to stay here but while we were on a short walk with the dogs my daughter called and asked where we were. So back to the bus to Head for downtown Ottawa. Rebecca had an agenda that involved a women's rights protest at the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights. I knew Micheal wouldn't be that interested so he decided to check out a park with Cooper. He offered to come bail us out if necessary. The monument is actually the first to acknowledge universal human rights and its meant to symbolize Canada's commitment to live in peace. It's really too bad I couldn't get a better picture of it, although I did get a great picture of Melkie at the monument. It reads "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." It also has the words equality, dignity and rights in the 73 original native languages. It was a fitting place for a protest. We came back to the apartment to look for Michael but he was nowhere to be found and we couldn't wait around for him inside because Rebecca has bunnies and Melkie likes to eat bunnies. We headed back outside and headed for the parliament buildings and then ended up at Byward Market for a drink and a Beaver Tail. Back on Rebecca's street we found the bus but still no Michael we decided we could look for him easier up on the roof and sure enough we spotted him about a block away. After snacks in the bus we decided to call it a night. I had a quick shower while Michael pulled the bus around back to a more discreet spot for the night.

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