Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cape D'Or to Chester, Nova Scotia

By the time we woke up this morning the water had receded again leaving the perfect shoreline for a walk. Instead we just gazed out at the foggy, misty coastline listening to the waves lap the shore as we silently sipped our coffees waking up slowly. It's funny how much we've slowed down in just a short span of time. There's a whole world out there to explore and yet we don't have to be anywhere at the moment so we just take our time enjoying everything as we go. This is new to me as I've spent most of my life being impatient and rushing from one thing to the next. When we were ready we headed back the way we came stopping mid road whenever we could to try to capture the the beauty we were seeing. We briefly stopped back in at the boat museum before heading on to new territory. Most of our day was spent driving as close to the shoreline as we could stopping wherever we could. We stopped at Five Island Park and Walton's Lighthouse and I don't know how many other scenic spots but by the time we were done most of the day was gone. At Truro we headed south and as evening approached we found ourselves in the most beautiful little town ever! We are parked so that we can see water out both sides of the bus windows. This place is seems too good to be true! It seems like a sleepy town with lots of history. The homes are older but stately with gorgeous manicured land and mature trees. The waterfront view here is stunning! It's the kind of place where we wonder if we can actually get away with staying here tonight! We took the dogs for a walk trough a portion of the town and went through an old cemetery with dates that we could read on them from the 1870's (there were many more that were too worn to even read). Back at the bus we set up for the night and just before we went to bed We noticed the giant orange moon over the water. What a perfect end to a perfect day!

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