Friday, May 12, 2017

Three Provinces in One Day!

This morning we made the decision to leave PEI. It was sad because I would have loved to hike part of the Confederation Trail and I'm sure Michael would have loved a round of golf but it was calling for rain for the next few days and Nova Scotia had the promise of sun. We stopped one last time for pictures before heading back across the Confederation Bridge and re-entering New Brunswick. Back in New Brunswick we took the road less travelled to find a good spot to let the dogs out and ended up on a pot hole filled dirt out in the middle of nowhere. We did see some really neat, old houses and the the dogs found a big, green field so I guess it all worked out. We stopped at the big information centre as we crossed into Nova Scotia and then decided to head to Parrsboro to check out Fundy Geological Museum. We arrived an hour before it was to close for the day so we weren't sure whether it would be worth paying the admission but the lady at the counter said we could just go on in anyway. Thank you! The place was interesting and gave a great history of the area. Geologists love this area because as the red cliffs erode and the tides clean the shores fossils and rocks appear. Both the oldest Canadian dinosaur and the tiniest dinosaur in the world have been found here. While we were wandering through the museum there was a woman working on cleaning a really tiny dinosaur jaw bone in a rock and was about to seal it with some type of acetone and wax that preserves it. It was neat to see someone actually working on the fossils. The gift shop at the end had some really nice stuff, (stone pictures and copper/ stone trees) natural art along with the typical bag of polished rocks and magnetic stones. As we were leaving there was a lady who needed a boost so Michael came to the rescue. Next we headed along the cape on a windy road full of hairpin turns with the most incredible views. We both love the combination of the hills and the bay here and I've decided that this just might be where we come back to when we retire. I absolutely love it here! We stopped at a rest area that turned out to be a boat museum. The lady said we were welcome to stay the night and the washrooms would lad be unlocked for us all night. We planned on coming back this way so I though it might have worked out. As we continued up the road the views just kept getting better! We were surrounded by beautiful landscapes! One minute we would be looking at rounded, tree covered mountain tops with quaint old houses and/ barns and the next we would be looking out over the bay with red cliffs and rocky islands and peaceful looking waves. Of course the roads were so narrow and windy that there was never a safe place to just stop and pull over to take pictures but the place will be ingrained in my memory forever. We pulled the bus up right beside a lighthouse (Cape D'Or) and went for a long walk on the ocean floor. Being surrounded by water and cliffs makes you feel so tiny compared to what's around you. It's strange because you would think that would be a frightening feeling but really it was comforting to think of how tiny we are in this giant place. I feel so at home here. By the time we were back at the bus it was getting dark and this was such an awesome spot. We moved the bus over so that we weren't right next to the lighthouse and had a nice relaxing night watching the tide come in. At high tide we were only about twenty feet away from the waves! Good night World!

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