Friday, July 21, 2017

Kicked out!

We woke up in Springbank Park and took the dogs for a walk before it got too hot. Three hours later we returned to the bus after hiking every inch of the place. It is so beautiful here! Michael discovered an amazing looking golf course across the river and we walked over a bridge within the park that went right to the golf course! And it was decided then and there that we would return with clubs later in the day. We had a few chores to do in the afternoon. I have run out of storage space on my iPhone and want to buy a device that will store all of our pictures together. We found just what I was looking for on sale at Staples and while there noticed the Canadian Tire nearby. Michael bought a cordless dremmel so he could carve the bone he found while on the east coast. It was a hot afternoon so we just relaxed playing with our newly bought toys. After all of my pictures were transferred to storage and Michael's dremmel was charged we headed over to the golf course. It was far too hot to leave the dogs unsupervised in the bus so Michael left to play on his own while I stayed back with the dogs. It's a good thing I stayed behind because the fan battery died while Michael was golfing and it would have been crazy hot in here if I hadn't been here to switch it out right away. This is the first time he has ever golfed alone but it turns out that he actually only played two holes alone before two other guys joined him. He said the golf course was awesome! After the golf game we parked at the parking lot near Storybook Gardens within the park. I had a bad feeling about staying in the park two nights in a row but just dismissed it as paranoia. Always trust your instincts! Just after dark a police officer knocked on the door and said we couldn't stay as someone had complained. He and his partner were super friendly asking about the bus and suggesting places to stay. Needless to say we moved. I would have driven right out of town but I don't like driving at night so now we are at a Walmart parking lot, it is late and I am wide awake. Good night World!

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