Monday, August 14, 2017


We woke up to a gentle rain but within the hour the sun was out and the rain had stopped. Michael went fishing while I got breakfast ready and then we took the dogs for a walk in the park. The park is surrounded by water on three sides and we can see a golf course across the river ahead of us. It's really nice here but for some reason the playground area has been fenced off with orange snow fence. We had the chance to find out why when a couple of township workers arrived but we forgot to ask. Michael did help them though. They were fixing an outhouse but needed nails to install a new toilet paper dispenser. Michael had exactly what they needed and soon they were on to better jobs. We headed towards the museum which was set up more like an old village with a windmill, a bank, an old homestead complete with barn, a post office. It was really cool! There was a nature building there that had been added that was a straw bale building that had been build by students from Fleming College. The gentleman managing that building was helpful and showed me an app that identified bird calls. He told us about the art centre which was part of the museum. As we entered an older lady asked if we wanted to learn how to use a loom. Michael volunteered and was soon weaving strips of fabric between the strings. The exhibit at the art centre was all about tents. I think the artist was trying to show us our limited perception of how we use tents in North America compared to how tents are used around the world. Several displays showed refugees and tent towns. It was interesting but weird at the same time. We started to do the tour of the old town and got separated in the old homestead. I lost all track of time talking to a lady from Switzerland and by the time I left the house Michael had seen everything else and was back on the bus with the dogs. There was a boardwalk right near where we had parked so we took the dogs for a walk over the marsh next and then decided to look for an abandoned town that we knew was nearby. Gelert is a place we walked through a few years ago with Keith and Dina. We had read about it but only found a few abandoned places, today we didn't fair any better. We found a building that even had a ghost town sign on it but it appears that someone has recently moved in. Next we looked for the two churches we had read about but couldn't find them but we did find Snowden Park. It's a secluded park with several trails through the woods and along a marsh. We were there for most of the day. The trails had a little cabin and tiny shelters, look out points overlooking the marsh and had we have walked far enough we could have found an old car from the 70's. The dogs were happy, they got all muddy and now smell like a swamp. We decided to move to Panorama Park for the night and managed to make it just in time to see the sunset. Good night World!

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