Saturday, August 12, 2017

Living the Dream

Imagine waking up in a beautiful place where you can hear the water rushing and see the pines looming over your head through the window next to your pillow. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? It is pretty amazing the only problem is that when I look out the window I can also see thousands of deer flies waiting for me to go outside. It's like I am trapped in my own bus! I really wanted to go for a swim in the river especially after reading a sign that said "risky activities are prohibited" and a picture of a swimmer with an x through it. My name is Trouble after all! But I was scared of all the dear flies and instead we went on a bus adventure deeper into the wilderness on a dirt road that was probably intended for ATV's. It was fun and where the road ended there was just enough room for us to turn around. We stopped in a more open area on the way back to let the dogs out before heading to our next destination. Cooper's Falls didn't look too far away on the map but when we got to where the Falls were supposed to be we couldn't find them. Michael pulled up to a house and suggested I go ask the guy mowing the lawn if he knew how to get to them. We definitely stopped and asked the right person! The gentleman said that there is no public access to the Falls and that all the land around it is privately owned. Then he asked me if I was a special person and of course I said yes and then he told me to follow him with the bus. He drove the lawn mower up to the next driveway and pulled up to a gorgeous log home with the perfect view of the Falls. I couldn't believe it! He had built a short walkway to a little lookout that faced the centre of the falls. We took a few pictures, thanked him and then headed towards Minden. We parked behind a giant ice cream cone in Minden and took the dogs for a walk through town or I should say Michael took Cooper for a walk and I had to turn and go back to the bus because Melkie was afraid of the thunder. Next we drove up to Panorama Park and hung out up there with a view of the town for awhile. There were lightning storms predicted so we were hoping to have the best view and we did but we decided not to stay and ended up down at the Rotary Park along the water just as the storm broke. The lightning show is amazing! We should have stayed up at Panorama Park but we are definitely here for the night. Good night World!

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