Sunday, October 8, 2017


I woke up so early this morning. I went for a walk thinking Michael would be up when I got back-nope! I made and drank my coffee and the smell of coffee didn't even wake him up. I went grocery shopping and put away all the groceries. Finally I woke him up. I realized later that maybe the time change had messed me up. Anyway, today was all about putting in the miles. To me the Prairies are monotonous but I get why people like it here. The feeling I get when I am at the ocean and everything seems so big compared to me is the same feeling I get here. I am surrounded by fields of gold and everything looks microscopic in comparison to how big the fields are. The cattle look like toy cattle the barns look small the only thing huge aside from the fields are the silos and the trains. And there are a lot of trains! Oh and we saw snow today. It worries me a little wondering how much snow we might find in the mountains. We crossed into Alberta today and stopped at a really nice rest stop near Portage la Prairie. Other than that it was just so much driving. I had wanted to make it to Canmore but as it got dark I decided on Bow Valley Provincial Park. When we took the exit we saw a casino with lots of RV's parked and ended up joining them. By this time it was dark so while I quickly made dinner Michael walked the dogs. I thought Michael would want to check out the casino but he was exhausted. After doing up the dishes and another coffee we are ready for bed. Good night World!

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