Friday, October 6, 2017

It's a Three Province Day!

We woke up before the sun was up and saw the giant moon lighting up the sky. Melkie seems to be getting better, he chased a squirrel the minute I opened the door for him to go out. He came limping back a few minutes later though so he's not fully recovered yet. We headed down the road only to stop a few minutes later at the Manitoba border. The welcome centre was closed though so we continued on our way. It's unbelievable how fast the terrain changed to flat! At first it was nice but became monotonous quickly. I was happy to arrive in Winnipeg where we stopped to do some chores (refilling our propane tank and gassing up for 91 cents). Soon we were on the road again and arrived at the longitudinal centre of Canada (96*48'35"), we didn't stop and just read the sign. Our next stop was Portage la Prairie where we stopped at a rest area that was gorgeous! The leaves were falling and there was a river where several guys were fishing but no one seemed to be catching anything. It was the perfect break away from the drivers seat. We stopped again in Brandon where I finally came to my senses and took a turn being a passenger rather than a driver. We stopped to take a picture of the Saskatchewan sign as we crossed over into another new province. After a dinner break I took back the driver seat and drove into the sunset. Normally I hate night driving but it's so flat here that when the sun goes down it stays light ahead of you for a really long time (making it so much easier to see). Of course just as it was getting too dark for comfort we arrived in Regina and hit construction at the same time. I had wanted to get past the city and stay somewhere secluded tonight but quickly changed plans and found the nearest Walmart parking lot. I can't believe how many other travellers are here! There are probably twenty trailers, fifth wheels or RVs here but only one short bus. Good night World!

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