Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The First Six Months

Vincent climbing our Poplar Tree.

It seems fitting that our friend Vincent who was the first to come check out the cabin and help out is also our last visitor for the year. He was hoping to cut down a dead branch on the poplar tree closest to the cabin but after climbing up a few feet realized it was unsafe. 

Even though the branch didn’t get cut down,  this year has been a giant success. There were times when Michael seemed overwhelmed by the jobs that needed to be done but we ended up accomplishing so much more than I had imagined we would this year.  This list will be boring for most people but for anyone attempting a shed to cabin conversion this will give you a pretty good idea of what you can get done in six months:

1. Shovelled our way in.

2. Took down the old      greenhouse.

3. Built a new greenhouse.

4. Stripped the old stain off the inside walls.

5. Stained the walls with a natural cedar stain.

6. Made forms and poured new cement pads for our foundation.

7. Levelled the cabin.

8. Cut down the big, old staircase.

9. Tore up the old floor upstairs.

10. Installed a new floor upstairs.

11. Painted upstairs.

12. Installed new floor downstairs.

13. Stripped the old paint off the outhouse door.

14. Stained the outhouse door. Added moon.

15. Rebuilt the outhouse.

16. Added a few new beams to better support the upstairs of the cabin.

17. Stained and installed the new stairs.

18. Made a nice mountain picture for the wall.

19. Cut an old maple table in half and stripped and re-stained it.

20. Installed it as our new counter.

21. Made under counter shelves out of repurposed safety walls.

22. Installed the RV stove.

23. Made a mountain backsplash for the stove.

24. Used leftover pipe to make a pot rack.

25. Stained and installed shelves over the counter.

26. Repurposed old coffee tins into beautiful containers for kitchen storage.

27. Installed a double sink.

28. Installed a new pump for the well.

29. Added plumbing for the kitchen sink.

30. Added a filter to our water system.

31. Added plumbing for the outdoor shower.

32. Added artwork to the wooden storage baskets under the counter.

33. Repurposed outdoor solar lights to a few LED tap lights.

34. Swapped out the roof of the outhouse for a sunroof.

35. Planted a small garden.

36. Landscaped a big portion of the property.

37. Dug a bigger trench for the stream that runs back to the creek.

38. Took down one of the smaller outbuildings.

39. Rebuilt the outbuilding in a different spot.

40. Made a really cool destination sign post.

41. Cut down too many trees.

42. Made a trail that goes around the property.

43. Took the previous owners junk to the dump. Two trips.

44. Insulated one of the man sheds.

45. Wired one of the man sheds for power. 

46. Stained the outside of the cabin.

47. Created a nice campfire area.

48. Insulated under the cabin.

49. Made a copper wire tree picture to use as a safety rail upstairs.

50. Repurposed shelves and shutters into a boot and coat rack.

51. Helped with a downed tree in front of the property.

52. Dug around the cabin and added proper drainage.

53. Mouse proofed the cabin. I really hope it works!

54. Closed up cabin for the winter! 

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